Message from The Dean

Our aim is to provide the students with a solid scientific and technical background  in innovations, Research, Design, Development, Implementation and manufacturing of engineering systems, methods, products and technologies   used in a wide spectrum of applications ranging from household appliances to most sophisticated satellite transponders, from electronic ignition to neural networks, from basic levers  to advanced mechatronic systems, from simple transformers to power grid applications. 
Apart from best teaching faculty, the College has over fifteen laboratories with advanced equipment and facilities for supporting our teaching and research. The mission of the Department is to produce the highest quality of graduates/undergraduates to serve the society, and to conduct leading-edge research. To this end, we strive for excellence in teaching, research and professional  services.

The College web site provides a wide range of information about many, if not all aspects. We hope you find the information useful and we would of course welcome your comments.
We invite you to study at the Institute of Technology,University of Kashmir, Zakura and to become educated as engineers and researchers who can  demonstrate a frontier spirit in achieving sustainable development in the world of the 21st century.

Course Title                     Teaching Periods
per week
L         T        P

ELE-401         Electrical Machines- II                      3          1        0           4
ELE-402         Control Systems –I                             2          1        0           3

ELE-403         Electrical Measurements and
Measuring Instruments

2          1        0           3

ECE-401         Analog Electronic Circuits-II           2          1        0           3

ECE-402         Electronic Design and
Automation Tools

2          1        0           3

MTH-401E     Mathematics – IV                               3          1        0           4
ECE-401EL    EDA Lab                                             0          0        2           1
ELE-401L      Electrical Machines Lab -II              0          0        4           2
ELE-402L      Electrical Measurements Lab           0          0        2           1

ECE-403L      Analog Electronic Circuits Lab
– II

0          0        2           1

Total                                                   14         6       10         25